The Holy Order of St. Sebastian of Port Royal

Saint Sebastian's Feast Day is December 18th.



The Order was founded in 1981 by The American Orthodox Church (Western Rite), under the guidance of (now deceased) The Most Reverend R. V. Bernard Dawe, the Metropolitan archbishop of the American Orthodox Church, in the tradition of the great Christian Orders of Chivalry. Saint Sebastian of Port Royal was founded as a religious order of formation for this Church.

Saint Sebastian was a Roman soldier who died honorably for his faith, and advanced Christianity in Europe. Port Royal was a convent in France that stood against changing political climes in France to maintain the practice of their Faith. The Order, then, is dedicated to the Defense of the Faith and the relief of suffering. Saint Sebastian's Feast Day is January 20th, and he is the patron saint of soldiers. His legend may be read by clicking here.

Membership is restricted to those of Christian Faith and of good moral character.


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Archbishop Dawe is a member of the Federation of Independent Catholic and Orthodox bishops.

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