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The Order is a group of Knights Founded in 1232 as a confraternity in the city of Acre in the Crusader Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. This courtly organization, composed of nobility (barons and knights) and burgesses (mercantile interests), was instrumental in securing liberties and protecting rights in those far-off times. The Order comes in three grades.



Knight Grand Commander GCStAJ
Knight Commander CStAJ
Knight KtAJ


Now reconstituted, the Order of St. Andrew of Jerusalem is expanding its membership and activities.

The home page for the Order can be reached by clicking here. The Grand Master of the order, Douglas, Prince of St. Michel de Clermont, has established other Orders of Chivalry as well, and further information is available from:

The Chancellery
316 Edward Street
Victoria, B.C.
Canada V9A 3E6


The Prince has chartered a Priory for the Knights of the Order within Texas, and has appointed the Duke of Peregrine de Flandres as Prior. As an Order, we seek to promote the standards of Honour and Chivalry, and the Priory will work to this same end within Texas.


Diploma, Order of St. Andrew
  of Jerusalem

A sample of the Certificate of Investiture of the Order

The Feast Day of St. Andrew is November 30th.


A Brief History of the Ancient, Venerable, Sovereign, and Independent Order of St. Andrew of Jerusalem

This order was originally founded in 1220 A.D. in Acre in the then Kingdom of Jerusalem. A confraternity of knights and burgesses met in the Castle of Acre in order to resist the imposition of tyranny upon their domain.

During the turmoil of the Sixth Crusade these worthies defended the poor, the sick and the weak from adversaries. Acre at this time was being contested by the Emperor Frederick II who based in Sicily became embroiled in the affairs of the Holy Land by his marriage to Yolande (Isabella) daughter of John of Brienne. When Fredericks illegal fleet landed at Acre in 1277, the knights and officers of the confraternity appealed to Pope Gregory IX. The Emperor was excommunicated for this action.

During the subsequent triumphant negotiations with the infidel by the Emperor the knights of St. Andrew stayed aloof. Despite the successes of diplomacy the later years proved the knights correct. The Frankish kingdoms were overwhelmed by 1244 by an army of Kwarizmian Turks in Egyptian pay.

At about this time the historical records of the knights of St. Andrew were lost. These archives may have been transported to Byzantium and later been lost again when that city in turn fell in 1453. Archivists within the Order of St. Andrew of Jerusalem are patiently pursuing the matter.

In this century, the confraternity was re-constituted as the Order of St. Andrew of Jerusalem by the Prince Grandmaster, Douglas, Prince of St. Michel de Clermont.

Membership is open to those who swear by their honour to uphold all chivalrous ideals and to add lustre by their actions to the Order of St. Andrew of Jerusalem. All members should support the traditional values of chivlary.

Members are to be found in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Eire, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Spain, Republic of South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.



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